About EMA

Find out how we started and why we are so passionate about what we do in the East Midlands.

EMA Training is a private training provider specialising in the delivery of high quality apprenticeships in Finance, Technology and Digital.

Set up in 2013 by Chief Executive, Tracey Mosley, EMA has become synonymous with high quality apprenticeship provision and outstanding customer service, which is reinforced by their 100+ 5 star Google reviews.

As an organisation, EMA firmly believes that the most effective training for apprentices is through face to face, tutor led delivery, supplemented by mentoring in their place of work. This blended approach helps to develop not just the apprentice’s technical skills, but also softer skills around communication, confidence and relationship building.

Whilst having a strong focus on entry level apprentices aged 16-24, EMA readily supports more mature candidates who are perhaps pursuing a career change or looking to upskill through vocational training.

In addition to apprenticeship provision, EMA also offer commercial training programmes in Accountancy and IT, in addition to being an official AAT exam centre for external assessments.

The team are talented, vibrant and absolutely passionate about customer experience, whether that be apprentice or employer.

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Working in partnership with our key stakeholders to develop effective solutions.


Operating in an ethical, open, professional and honest way.


Providing outstanding advice, guidance and support to our customers so they feel well informed and empowered.


A focus on ensuring the highest quality of customer experience to our learners and employer partners to maximise the impact to the individual and the business.


Internal and external stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity at all times.


Exploring new technologies, platforms and software to ensure we maximise quality and effectiveness of delivery.

Meet the Team

Tracey Mosley

Chief Executive Officer


Tracey is the Chief Executive Officer of EMA Training - having started this company in 2013! Tracey primarily oversees the operational, planning, implementation, and on going delivery within the professional sectors which EMA offer. Tracey has a pragmatic, systematic approach to all that she does, and this shows in the daily mechanics involved in supporting the team at EMA Training Limited.

​With strong ownership, Tracey is consistently driving for results. Her sense of responsibility, leadership ethos, and enthusiasm toward work are evident at all times. ​

Alongside this, Tracey is supportive, kind, and always there for both employee’s and learners whenever they need her. Tracey is integral to the success of EMA; her mind-set to drive change and challenge the training and development offered within the industry has helped EMA reach the potential it has as a training provider.

James Stafford

Chief Operating Officer


After holding a number of sales leadership roles within the sector, James was appointed as EMA’s Chief Operating Officer in December 2019.
James supports Tracey with the operational running of the business, whilst also taking a leading role in the sales & marketing strategy.

He is driven by identifying high quality apprenticeship opportunities with local organisations, to ensure that local young people stay in the East Midlands and contribute to the growth of our local economy.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters, exploring the Derbyshire countryside, playing the guitar and all things sport and fitness related!

Admire Bandambira

Learning & Development Trainer & Mentor


Admire is a Learning and Development Mentor and Trainer for EMA’s IT programs. He delivers both classroom and virtual remote training for the BCS Knowledge Modules for both the Level 3 Infrastructure Technician and the Level 3 Software Development Technician qualifications. In addition, Admire also provides the work-based projects mentoring and assessing function for the IT Level 3programs. He draws knowledge to support both his delivery and mentoring from more than two decades of IT experience working in both private and further education sectors.

His pedagogy of teaching is pivoted on the famous Confucius saying “Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”. This emphasises involvement and inspiring learners to take ownership of their learning and to develop them to becoming active lifelong learners who can achieve beyond their perceived potential.

Admire prides himself on being a family man, who is blessed with three wonderful children.

Abbygail Maddison

Trainee Recruitment Manager


Appointed at EMA Training as a Learner Engagement Consultant, Abby has over 5 years’ experience within the Apprenticeship sector, helping candidates find and secure intermediate, advanced and higher level apprenticeships.​

Being both friendly and welcoming, Abby is also vigilant, which is why she is perfect for her role at EMA, screening candidates for the roles we offer and ensuring both their skillset and character traits match what the employer is looking for. Abby holds a lot of responsibility and is a crucial part to the EMA team, as she confirms that candidates have the commitment and desire required to succeed on an apprenticeship. Additionally, offering information, advice, and guidance to guide all candidates in finding and securing their dream apprenticeship. ​

Another part of Abby's role is to fully integrate the work we do at EMA Training within the local community. Abby does this by engaging with schools and referral partners within the Derby and Derbyshire area, promoting what we do at EMA and how we can assist GCSE and A-Level leavers.

Neil McMonagle

Enrolment Officer


Neil is EMA’S Enrolment Officer.
Neil is in consistent contact with the new learners who join EMA or any external exam sitters. Being friendly, committed, and dependable, Neil is perfect for the role; always adhering to people’s needs and adapting to the requirements of those around him.

Neil is also EMA’s main invigilator for all exams sat, making sure that everything is ready for internal or external learners to come in and partake in the exams.

Having worked at EMA for many years, Neil mirrors the company’s standards; he always goes out of his way to provide outstanding customer service, by assisting to the best of his ability.

Hollie Newton

Learning and Development Mentor


Hollie is a Learning and Development Mentor and Trainer here at EMA. Having experience in the finance industry as well as in delivering the AAT Qualifications, Hollie thrives when teaching, either in the classroom or remotely. Fuelled with passion, Hollie works hard to support her learners through their studies, ensuring they are given the advice and guidance they need to succeed.

Hollie began her career with EMA in 2015 and is now an integral part of the team. Hard-working and dedicated, Hollie’s standards reflect everything that EMA stands for.
Encouraging those around her, Hollie is a fantastic team member; striving to aid EMA in reaching its potential, she throws herself into her work, often taking it into her spare time. Being result-driven, Hollie has always pushed to produce the best result from both herself and her learners.

Kerry Spicer Fox

HR & Data Support


Kerry is the longest serving employee with EMA Training Limited and has been responsible for a number of key areas, such as the delivery of apprenticeship recruitment and employee process development. Her role is now HR and Data Support.

With a keen eye for attention to detail and a strong sense of equality and diversity, Kerry likes to achieve the correct result. A people driven approach means that processes look at how we can help the individual.

Kerry aims to push EMA to flourish in all senses; having a care towards the environment, she pushes the recycling cause within the company. With a strong sense of responsibility and care for others, Kerry also pushes the importance of health throughout the company, ensuring that EMA go above and beyond to guarantee the health of both our employee’s and learners.

Matt Edwards

Sales Director


Matt is the Sales Director for EMA; his prime focus is to drive the business forward by generating and sustaining relationships with local employers. In doing so, he ensures that learners are placed within organisations which offer appropriate support to their apprentices/employees. As part of this process, Matt is in charge of the sales team.

Working with a “can do” attitude, Matt exudes enthusiasm throughout all that he does, whether that be in a work capacity or recreational activities outside of work, Matt likes to lead by example.

This, combined with a flair for business and innovative mind-set, as well as 10 years’ experience in sales, allows Matt to confidently and effectively engage with clientele at both Macro and Micro levels to increase business growth, building long lasting relationships.

Rebecca Perkins

Learning & Development Mentor & Trainer


Beckie is the Learning and Development Mentor & Trainer here at EMA. Beckie works on a one to one basis with apprentices in the workplace, providing supportive and developmental feedback on their EPA portfolio of evidence. By following their individual learning plans, Beckie supports the apprentices, meeting their needs, both academically and from a safeguarding and well-being perspective.

With 10 years’ experience of working with learners/apprentices in various settings, from the RAF, independent training providers, to the workplace, Beckie is able to have a full understanding of the learning journey and the different sectors EMA Training work within.

Beckie is a busy working Mum of two lively boys, which means organisation and patience are a must.

Rosie O'Brien

Trainee Finance Manager


Rosie is EMA’s finance apprentice, both working and learning at EMA, Rosie was the first member of the team to be inducted remotely. Currently studying AAT Level 3, Rosie hopes to become a fully qualified accountant in the future. Along with a passion for learning, Rosie has great enthusiasm towards success, for both herself and others – which is why working for EMA was such a great option.​

As well as her main finance roles, Rosie also engages and promotes EMA as a business to local people and businesses – this includes promoting our trainer’s and mentors, and the services we offer as a company across AAT sites and forums, while supporting others with their studies, equally as others support her.

Having shown her professional competence from an early stage, Rosie has already taken on important duties within the business, such as banking reconciliations and bookkeeping, in addition to becoming the BCS Centre Manager and One File super-user!

Adill Khonat

AAT Trainer


Adill is the AAT Trainer who delivers the Levels 2, 3 and 4 Accounting qualifications. He has a strong passion towards training learners in the direction of achieving and exceeding their potential; ensuring each learner feels valued, successful and knowledgeable to take on the next steps of their career.

Learners and their academic, social, cultural and moral development is at the heart of every class, creating an environment where learners feel safe and can flourish. Adill’s aspiration for 100% pass rate for every learner in every exam is mirrored in the dedication he enthuses the learners with.

His passion towards accounting, alongside his commitment to achieve successful outcomes for learners, means every lesson is delivered with aptitude and a desire to be an industry leading trainer.

Julie O'Callaghan

Designated Safeguarding Lead and MHFA


Julie is EMA's Safeguarding Officer and has recently gained the MHFA status, meaning Julie has more knowledge and tools to enhance the current Safeguarding and Wellbeing interventions that EMA Training Ltd offers to Staff, Apprentices and Employers.

Julie is also the Accountancy Mentor for EMA; she provides one to one support for Accountancy Apprentices both, academically and emotionally. Julie has a true passion about how the apprentices’ learning and development experiences affect achievement, overall wellbeing and is always mindful of the pressures of being an apprentice.

Being friendly and attentive, Julie is perfect for this role. Always putting her apprentices first, Julie puts the extra time aside to ensure she is supporting her apprentices to meet their needs. Julie enables the apprentice to capture and develop a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their knowledge, skills, and behaviours, showcasing their achievements throughout the apprenticeship and forms part of the End Point Assessment.

Lottie Hardy

Trainee Trainer and Mentor


Lottie is EMA's Trainee Trainer and Mentor for AAT levels 2 and 3.

Lottie started out as an EMA Apprentice, achieving her AAT qualifications with the company! Starting out as an Apprentice herself, Lottie has a real passion for helping her Learners have amazing starts to their careers through their own apprenticeships.

Having been with the company for a while, Lottie is a great reflection of the company values - a great team player, a passionate Trainer, Lottie has it all! 

Lottie's dedication is clear, she's a wonderful addition to the EMA team. Both the staff and her Learners are positively impacted by her presence within the company.

Jess Tracey

Marketing Assistant


Jess is EMA’s Digital Marketing Apprentice, she has the responsibility of producing content for EMA’s social media platforms and website.

Both working and learning at EMA, Jess works hard to reflect EMA’s values through all the work she produces, both in the classroom and through her work for the company. Jess is responsible for highlighting any good news from the EMA Hub and sharing it with our audience, this is important as it allows people to understand what EMA is about and what goes on inside the Hub.

Jess works with the EMA team to showcase learners and other members of staff, making sure everyone gets the appreciation they deserve. She will also work with the team on campaigns, making sure EMA’s creativity is shown through each project. Having not been at EMA for very long, Jess has established a place for herself and works hard to consistently produce engaging content, setting the tone for EMA across our digital platforms and website.

Michael Wheatley

Digital Support and Facilities Co-ordinator


Michael is EMA’s Digital Support Technician, he maximises the effective use of digital office technologies.

Michael is one of the youngest member of the EMA team, but age isn’t a problem, as Michael is already a major part to the behind the scenes of EMA Training.

A lot of Michael’s roles are general office admin, and he is most likely the first face you will see when walking into the EMA Hub, which Michael is well suited to as he is friendly and welcoming!
Michael supports the EMA team with any general IT queries and is always on the lookout for any new ways to improve the company digitally.

Holding a lot of responsibility, he reports straight to our CEO. Michael has great drive and is always producing top quality work, so clearly EMA has rubbed off on him already!

Louisa Hampson

Digital Marketing Trainer & Mentor


Louisa is EMA’s Digital Trainer and Mentor, she is responsible for delivering the Digital Marketer curriculum.

Being a friendly, reliable, hard worker, full of marketing knowledge, Louisa is the ideal person to deliver impactful lessons which promote hard work and growth. Working hard to aid her learners through the curriculum, encouraging the learners to push themselves to produce their best work by replacing pressure with support.

Louisa also coaches the learners to develop their competency and interpersonal skills in the workplace, so they grow and develop to achieve the best possible grades at end point assessment.  

Louisa is a businesswoman, running a beauty company as well as working with EMA. This is perfect for Louisa as with a passion for supporting young people, she is enthused to inspire her learners to not just achieve great results in their exams but to consistently progress in the workplace and evolve into experienced digital marketeers.

Adrian McManus

IT Technician


Adrian is EMA’s IT Technician, he joined EMA when he moved to Derby to pursue a career in IT, after many years working as a web designer in Belfast.

His aim for the future is to climb as far up the ladder as he can and to continue to develop his IT skills, so he be at the centre of projects within the organisation.

Adrian is a highly motivated person who is passionate about new innovations, is always keen to take on new and unique challenges and isn’t scared of taking risks.

Adrian is a great addition to the EMA team, always lending a hand to anyone who needs it and consistently working hard to meet the EMA standard.

Jo Sanders

Internal Quality Assurance (Lead  IQA)


Jo’s role is to support the quality of the provision EMA deliver. This entails supporting tutors and mentors to develop their practice and resources.

This is done through carrying out observations of the delivery, auditing the quality of the learner work and the feedback given, thus helping learners develop.

Reliable and responsive, Jo is a great support for tutors and mentors, making sure EMA’s values truly are reflected through their teaching, Jo holds a lot of responsibility.

Jo advises on processes and procedures to ensure delivery is happening to a high standard. Being just the person for this role, she is vigilant, knows EMA’s standards and ensures that standard is being reached by every tutor and mentor.