Accounting Technician Level 4



Our Level 4 Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician programme is at the forefront of developing industry-leading accountants. Professional Accounting Technician Apprentices will have responsibility for creating and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information which meets relevant ethical, professional and legal standards.

During the programme, Apprentices will utilise their knowledge of accounting processes to keep their employers business at the forefront of changes. In this programme, Apprentices are given the choice to focus on either accounting or tax which will teach them the core aspects of accountancy, including: Business Awareness, Ethical Standards, Regulations and Compliance and Systems and Processes.

Professional Accounting Technician Modules 

Learning & Assessment


As part of this programme, Apprentices will have a dedicated EMA Assessor who will coach them as they acquire and develop their technical knowledge, skills and behaviours through a process of continuous self-improvement, while adhering to high standards of professionalism and quality.


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