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Setting off on a career path can be overwhelming for young people.

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- Don’t be scared to try something new.

- Don’t worry about asking a ‘silly’ question, the only silly questions are the ones you don’t ask.

- Be picky, this is your future – you get a say in where it starts.

- Don’t worry about not following the ‘tradition’ of going to University – go to the “news” section to read a few blogs about other people who didn’t follow the ‘traditional’ route.

- Apprenticeships have no age limit – don’t worry about being ‘too old’.

- If you would like to hear some advice from one of our tutors, head over to the “news” section and read the blog “Distinction Interview”.

- Be ready for the responsibility of being a trusted employee,
an apprenticeship is 80% work and during the time in your workplace, you will be treated like an adult.

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