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Digital Support Apprentice Case Study – Meet Nicole!

EMA Training have stepped into the digital space this year, welcoming new digital apprenticeship courses and witnessing fantastic results from our digital apprentices! We are excited to continue diving into all things digital and we look forward to sharing more digital content with you.

EMA Training have incredible apprentices who consistently impress the team, surpass goals and truly show us what EMAzing really is!

Today, we are sharing a case study of a recently completed Digital Support Apprentice, Nicole. Nicole worked incredibly hard throughout her apprenticeship, working with her Trainer and Mentor, Sukhi, to make the most out of her experience.

To find out more about Nicole and her apprentice experience, keep reading…

Q1 What first interested you in a digital apprenticeship?

“I have always had a passion for IT and after attending college and university to study creative arts I decided to combine my skills and look for further training. I was also interested in gaining industry experience to have the best chances of securing a permanent job in the field. An apprenticeship is the perfect way to learn and enhance skills while also gaining industry experience and earning money.”

Q2 What led you to choose the Level 3 Digital Support Technician course over EMA’s other Digital & IT courses?

“The Level 3 Digital Support Technician course was the most suitable course available at the time for what I was looking for.”

Q3 How did your role responsibilities progress during your apprenticeship?

“At the start of my apprenticeship, I had a small amount of responsibility handling internal IT enquiries, maintaining and developing the organisations communications. As my apprenticeship progressed and I proved my capabilities, the senior management of the organisation gave me more responsibility which led to my permanent employment with them, I am now in full control of the organisation’s communications (including social media, website maintenance/development, and marketing) working alongside senior management and stakeholders on large projects such as our organisations re-branding. I also support the admin team with their day-to-day tasks.”

Q4 How did your technical skills develop over the course of your apprenticeship?

“Before starting my apprenticeship, I had little knowledge of the Digital Support job role. Throughout the apprenticeship I have gained valuable insight into the role, how the role can support the whole organisation. I learnt how to use new digital technologies to support my team and create an intranet. I am now confident in my knowledge of digital technologies and legalisation/policies.”

Q5 What was your experience like starting an apprenticeship after going to University?

“At first I felt bad about having to go back into training after completing 2/3 years at college and then uni but I soon realised that the skills and workplace experience I will gain from doing an apprenticeship will be far more valuable to me when finding employment.”

Q6 What advice would you give to someone finishing their university degree or still studying, considering an apprenticeship?

“I would say to do it! You can use everything you have learnt in university to progress and become successful in your apprenticeship. Most jobs require experience alongside the knowledge and doing an apprenticeship can help you get both.”

Q7 How has your apprenticeship impacted you on a personal level?

“Doing an apprenticeship has helped me to develop myself, gain more confidence, enhance my communication skills and has also given me some great friends/colleagues.”

Q8 What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“I would say the fact I had an offer of permanent employment before I had even completed my apprenticeship with a Distinction!”

The team here at EMA Training are incredibly proud of Nicole’s achievements, it was a pleasure to support her throughout her apprenticeship and we wish Nicole all the best having progressed to full time employment.

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EMA Training Quote Icon “Doing an apprenticeship has helped me to develop myself, gain more confidence, enhance my communication skills and has also given me some great friends/colleagues…” Digital Support Technician Apprentice, Nicole
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