Janis Spicer

Learning & Development Mentor


Janis has worked for many years in the areas of Learning and Development, including, Teaching, Mentoring and delivering Advice and Guidance.


 For 22 years, whilst living in Cornwall, Janis worked within Mental Health and is very aware of stress and mental health in the work place. Janis enjoys the challenge of supporting students in class, as well as in an employment setting and can work to students’ various abilities and learning styles.


As a Mentor and Developer, Janis has gained qualifications for Dyslexia and Scotopic Sensitivity and has a sound knowledge of supporting students who may find studying difficult.


Janis has the ability to bring out ‘the best’ in an individual and enjoys the challenges and successes of supporting students who want to achieve their ambitions and goals.  

Progress House

4 Siddals Road



T: 01332 371 666

E: info@ematraining.co.uk