Matt Edwards

Sales Director


‘’Matt is the Sales Director, thus his prime focus is to drive the business forward and generate/sustain relationships with local employers, ensuring that learners are placed within organisations who offer appropriate support to their apprentices/employees. As part of this process, Matt is in charge of the sales team to deliver a high level service, equipping each sales professional with the tools needed to be successful within the IT, Accountancy & Payroll sectors. Matt possesses integrity, self-determination and core values which he abides by religiously to ensure that an employer’s/learners journey whilst partnered with EMA Training Limited and beyond is a positive one.


Matt is a person who has a ‘’can do’’ attitude and exudes enthusiasm throughout all that he does, whether that be in a work capacity or recreational activities outside of work, Matt likes to lead by example.   

This combined with, a flair for business and innovative mind-set throughout his 10yr sales career has taught Matt, how to effectively engage with clientele at both Macro and Micro levels to increase business growth and build long lasting relationships.’’

Progress House

4 Siddals Road



T: 01332 371 666