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Apprenticeships - From An Employer's Perspective

October 12, 2020

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of our employer’s, Joanna Saxton, the Marketing and Social Media Manager at Eden Tyres. We covered the general apprentice-employer queries...

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EMA's Newest Apprentice

September 14, 2020

We got the chance to sit with our newest apprentice here at EMA, Jess Tracey. It was great to hear the ins and outs as to why Jess chose the apprenticeship route and more specifically why digital marketing here at EMA.

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Distinction Interview

September 14, 2020

Our AAT tutor, Adill, had two of his students produce distinctions recently. We thought this the perfect opportunity to ask him a few questions about these students, apprenticeships in general and Adill...

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Where Do You Stand On Apprenticeships?

September 14, 2020

Let’s talk apprenticeships. Many people go through education knowing very little about apprenticeships and what they can offer. This is because the traditional route to take after school or college is to go to University...

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How to spot an Optimist

August 6, 2020

In dark times, our feelings often start to match the mood. We try not to be too positive or upbeat...

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Eid Al Adha 2020

July 31, 2020

As we approach Eid Al Adha – the greater Eid, which follows the completion of the annual Hajj...

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Jack Dulwich – Securing an Apprenticeship during a lockdown

May 14, 2020

Over the past few months, we have seen businesses around the world change and adapt their everyday processes...

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Q & A with Rosie O’Brien

May 4, 2020

The current state of lockdown has caused many businesses around the world to revise strategies...

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Gareth Skinner – Celebrating Apprenticeship Success

April 28, 2020

Recently qualified accountant, Gareth Skinner secures a role as Corporate Tax Associate at...

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What does furlough mean?

April 20, 2020

If a business cannot maintain the current workforce because it has been severely affected by coronavirus...

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EMA Learner Reviews - Maddy Earnshaw

April 19, 2020

Thank you Maddy Earnshaw for a great review of your experience with EMA Training...

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Enrolling now for AAT Level 3 and Level 4

April 17, 2020

We are now enrolling for our AAT Classes!

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