Digital Marketer Level 3

Our Digital Marketer Apprenticeship is designed to equip Apprentices with the fundamentals in Digital Marketing.

Throughout the programme Apprentices will be taught by Coaches with industry experience who can effectively share their knowledge and experiences whilst teaching the skills required to develop a successful career in Digital Marketing.


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Module 1
The Business Environment

You will understand how marketing fits into the business objectives and the current state of the marketing environment across different sectors.

Module 2
Sales, Segmentation and Strategy

In this module you will be given the underpinning knowledge you need to be able to produce a marketing plan, considering competitor analysis and market segmentation.

Module 3
Copywriting and Etiquette

You will understand the importance of communicating effectively across multiple platforms, considering tone, culture and appropriateness, and will learn how copywriting theories can be applied.

Module 4
Social Media Concepts and Branding

For this module you will be introduced to the concepts of social media, setting up social media sites, managing relationships and scheduling content. You will then learn the fundamentals of branding.

Module 5
SEO and Paid Search

You will be given a knowledge of SEO and how to run campaigns through Google Adwords, whilst understanding how to link these with keywords.

Module 6
Content Management System Website Creation

You will understand how websites are managed through Content Management Systems, and will be able to set up websites on basic CMS tools including SEO.

Module 7
Online Security

As an online module, learners will be equipped with a knowledge of how to work safely and securely online, considering tools that allow collaborative working.

Module 8
Web Development Principles

You will understand the principles of coding including software languages, compatibility of code on different platforms and components involved to make the web work.

Module 9
Google Analytics Training

Learners will gain the fundamentals of how Google Analytics works and then learn about the more advanced elements available.

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