Digital Support Technician
Level 3

Maximising the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software and digital communications in organisations.

This occupation is found in organisations, large and small, in all sectors, and within the public, private and voluntary organisations.  Organisations of all types are increasing applying digital technologies across all their business functions to maximise productivity.  

The demand for people who can support and implement these digital operations and digital transformation projects is increasing.

Similarly, organisations of all types are increasingly supporting their service users through online and digital channels, as they develop omnichannel approaches to meeting customer needs, deflect traditional telephone and face-to-face contacts and reduce costs.


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Module 1
Digital Technologies

Understands Digital technologies, digital security, digital services support, digital Information Management Systems. Gains an understanding on how to operate a range of digital information systems and tools to maintain information and to support service delivery.

Module 2

Understands how to communicates effectively, appropriately and through different digital channels.

Module 3
Legislation and Policy

Learns to operate in line with organisational polices, standards, legislation, professional ethics, privacy and confidentiality and knows where to source these and when and how to escalate any issues.

Module 4
Business Awareness

Demonstrates an understanding of the organisational impact of decisions that they make. Considering the work environment,  maintains a productive, professional and secure working environment

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