Tracey Mosley

The Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur is not something you can learn, but a desire you are born with. To be successful you need to gain as much experience and business acumen as possible, this is exactly what Tracey has dedicated her life to.

In 2010, Tracey continued to work full time, but made the decision grow her own MLM business, as a first attempt at running her own business, but low risk, with no heavy financial outlay.

Within only a few months, Tracey produced outstanding results and was recognised for her achievements by winning various incentives, the biggest being, a holiday to Malta.

She soon became a leader of 70 representatives, all aspiring to achieve the results she had achieved. Tracey loved the challenge and sense of achievement when the representatives achieved their milestones. Majority of the representatives were full time mum’s and therefore a greater sense of achievement had been felt across the team.

Tracey's entrepreneurial desire was not satisfied with working within MLM and wanted to create her own dream.


We now know that to be, EMA Training Limited.

Progress House

4 Siddals Road



T: 01332 371 666