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Here at EMA Training, we are passionate about training and upskilling, which is why we prioritise internal progression and staff retention.

In doing so, we work hard to support our EMAzing team members in identifying training needs, offering tailored support, and planning progression within their chosen careers. Our Senior Management Team regularly assess the staff they manage, their skillsets, what they bring to EMA Training, and what EMA Training can bring to them.

This often results in an internal shift…

Only two months into the new year and we are excited to be congratulating numerous promotions and working with staff members who are progressing in their careers within EMA.

Apprentice progression

We are committed to training and nurturing the next generation of professionals. Not only the apprentices we onboard to our course programmes, but the apprentices we hire into our own team. At the beginning of 2020, we hired a Finance Apprentice, Rosie O’Brien, who has been the perfect example of how an apprenticeship supports a progressive career.

Following the completion of her Level 3 AAT Accounting Assistant course, Rosie became a Trainee Finance Manager and started managing a Level 2 Accounting Apprentice. Rosie also started studying the Level 4 Professional Accounting course programme. Consistently upskilling whilst on programme, Rosie learnt and applied new skills, positively impacting the finance department and overall business.

Completing Level 4 towards the end of 2022, Rosie continued to display a fantastic skillset that has been ever-growing. Recognising these achievements, we wanted to ensure we could best support  Rosie as she takes the next step in her career.

For Rosie, this came in the shape of a promotion! Rosie is now the Finance Manager at EMA Training, responsible for running the department and managing her team. Following this promotion, Rosie shared, “Starting off as a Level 3 Accounting Apprentice I would have never expected to be able to progress so far within a business. As Finance Manager, I am responsible for ensuring the department hits KPIs, developing budgets, and completing Month End accounts. This responsibility I have been given has boosted my career immensely and opened doors to learn new skills and progress further within my career. I am incredibly proud to be able to say I am managing a department at the age of 22.”

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Whilst EMA Training is one big family, we of course do have departments within the business. As of recent, we have had a lot of exciting change within departments as team leaders progress within their roles.

EMA Training’s Recruitment Manager, Abbygail Maddison, has been with EMA Training for over 3 years and has progressed impressively within the business. Starting as a Learner Engagement Consultant, Abby has since shaped the Recruitment Department, building processes from scratch, and supporting 100+ candidates in becoming apprentices.

Recognising business growth and Abby’s capabilities, Abby became Trainee Recruitment Manager, welcoming a Junior Learner Engagement Consultant to the department! Abby took managing in her stride, whilst continuing her day-to-day responsibilities. Not only this, but Abby took the initiative to upskill herself and enrolled onto a university course in Smart and Inclusive Leadership.

Following a successful year, a progressive attitude towards personal development, and smashing the new challenge of being a manager, the new year of 2023 has welcomed Abby with a promotion! Abby is now EMA’s Recruitment Manager, and will soon be welcoming a third member to the Recruitment team, an Apprentice Recruitment Administrator.

Abby shares, “I am passionate about what we do here at EMA Training, and I am so happy to be able to have such an impact in the business, and in the lives of many of the candidates that come to us for apprenticeship opportunities. It is exciting to be gaining another team member and to be given further responsibility within the business is something I will always be grateful for. I have been able to steadily progress my career whilst at EMA Training; I’m consistently learning, facing new challenges, and having a great time whilst doing it!”

We encourage the team at EMA to have confidence in their skillset and to trust that they are capable in the face of a challenge, and the past few years have certainly sprung new challenges onto the team!

In 2022, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) planned to come to EMA Training to assurance review the business. The ESFA is an executive agency for the government, as part of the Department for Education. When they run an assurance review, it is incredibly important that, as a Training Provider, we have everything in line with regulations and ready for when an Auditor comes in. The responsibility of this lays with our Audit and Compliance Manager, Laura Barber.

Laura is a fantastic addition to the EMA Training team and particularly showcased her skillset during this time. Through Laura’s hard work, EMA Training passed the ESFA audit with flying colours, receiving a “satisfactory”, meaning we could continue business as usual!

Coming into the new year, our Senior Management Team have been looking at internal structures and were keen to further strengthen our quality processes. The solution was a simple one – with the talent already in-house, it was easily decided to not only give Laura further responsibility within her role but also a bigger team to run – and this is how two became four! As of February 2023, Laura has been promoted to Quality and Compliance Manager, with two people joining the department and looking to her as their direct manager and main support.

Laura shares, “Having known EMA Training and Tracey (Managing Director) for many years before joining the team, it has been a privilege to not just watch the company grow, but to now be a part of that growth. This next step is definitely an exciting one, with new challenges around every corner and now a bigger team to manage, I’m looking forward to what 2023 has to bring!” 

In addition to the above, former Business Administrator, Angela has secured a new role as Quality and Compliance Administrator and will join Laura in the Quality and Compliance team.

Bring it on!

Providing EMA employees with additional responsibility and room to progress has enabled growth within the team. Empowering your team and guiding them through the hurdles of the working world, and being able to witness their progression as they leap over these hurdles is and always be an EMAzing part of EMA Training.

“I am incredibly proud of the EMA Team. We pride ourselves on training, supporting, and empowering our team members, working with them to reach their career goals.”

Tracey Mosley, Managing Director.


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