EMA's Newest Apprentice

September 14, 2020

We got the chance to sit with our newest apprentice here at EMA, Jess Tracey. It was great to hear the ins and outs as to why Jess chose the apprenticeship route and more specifically why digital marketing here at EMA.

University. A lot of people feel pressured into taking the university route in terms of their next steps after 6form or college. Jess felt this pressure, but also knew university wasn’t the option for her. Speaking to Jess about this she expressed that whilst she felt ready to step into the working world, she knew she wanted the support and training which apprenticeships offered. Now what? “When I first started searching for apprenticeships I was set on environmental conservation, as I am passionate about environmental welfare and love understanding more about the ethical impacts behind my everyday decisions. In every sense I’d like to say I’m as ethical as I can be, whether that be what I eat, what I wear, what company I work for etc.” After sticking to environmental conservation for a while Jess wanted to broaden what she was looking into but really think about what skills she had to offer and which new skills she wanted to develop. The search wasn’t easy when looking for an apprenticeship, as with so much out there, it is difficult to decide what sector you want to go into.

With her creative writing skills and interest in the communications sector, Jess found herself looking into digital marketing, “I’m aware that I may not have the largest digital skill set, but being more than willing to develop my skills, I decided that I wanted to go into digital marketing.” After making this decision, the applications started. The more time Jess put into looking into digital marketing and prepping for interviews the more her decision to go into digital marketing was set in stone. Working in a fast-paced environment is something that Jess really wanted as she feels like that’s the type of environment she thrives in, and digital marketing offers that. Also, the research side of the apprenticeship strook up an interest in Jess, as it’s something she didn’t expect to enjoy doing, but after prepping for interviews Jess found that she surprisingly did enjoy the analytical side to what digital marketing offers.  

Jess now knew which specific sector she wanted to go into but knowing this still leaves a lot of applications to fill out. Something that helped Jess decide what company she wanted to work for were her ethics, “A welcoming environment where everyone is respected was very important to me when searching for an apprenticeship…”  Jess went on to explain that what companies chose to highlight about themselves when looking to hire said a lot about what is important to them. “EMA caught my attention because they made sure to emphasise how they treat their employees. Then going onto the company website, their values really set in stone my thoughts on the company; that as a training provider, they want to provide only the best to their employees and both the apprentices they train and the employers they work with.”

Jess put in the time and effort and found the right apprenticeship for her. She has now been with us for two weeks and the team loves having her here. “So far, I am really enjoying it here at EMA, the responsibility I have been given in such a small amount of time has really pushed me to produce my best work. I hope to continue growing my skill set and look forward to learning more each day.” We cannot wait to see Jess grow throughout this apprenticeship! We hope you have enjoyed reading about Jess’s experience with finding an apprenticeship, and to read similar content feel free to head over to our website! If you are currently searching for an apprenticeship and need help or guidance, our dm’s across all our social medias are open to any questions.

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