Accounting Technician Level 4

Our Level 4 Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician programme is at the forefront of developing industry-leading accountants.

Professional Accounting Technician Apprentices will have responsibility for creating and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information which meets relevant ethical, professional and legal standards.​

During the programme, Apprentices will utilise their knowledge of accounting processes to keep their employers business at the forefront of changes. In this programme, Apprentices are given the choice to focus on either accounting or tax which will teach them the core aspects of accountancy, including: Business Awareness, Ethical Standards, Regulations and Compliance and Systems and Processes.


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Module 1
Management Accounting: Budgeting

In this module, the participant will identify budgetary responsibilities and accountability. They will also learn about behavioural aspects of budgeting, forecasting and preparing budgets.

Module 2
Management Accounting: Decision & Control

Participants will learn how to use relevant tools to manipulate and analyse data, design and structure spreadsheets to meet customer needs and use tools to prepare and report accounting information.

Module 3
Financial Statements for Limited Companies

In this module, participants will demonstrate an understanding of internal reporting, differentiate between cost classifications for different purposes and record and calculate overhead costs.

Module 4
Accounting Systems and Controls

Participants will gain an understanding of accountancy systems and controls and be able to evaluate an organisation’s systems.

Additonal Module
Credit Management

This module is about understanding and applying the principles of effective credit control in an organisation. Participants will gain knowledge of these in relation to legislation, contract law, best practice and ethics.

Additional Module
Cash and Treasury Management

This module covers the skills and knowledge needed to identify the movement of cash within a business.

Additional Module
Business Tax

This module introduces the employee to UK taxation relevant to businesses. It is about the computing of business taxation, preparation of tax returns and how taxation has an impact on the running of a business for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Additional Module
Personal Tax

This module provides the underpinning knowledge theory on taxation and explores the key aspects of taxation that affect UK taxpayers. The participants will learn how to account for income tax, National Insurance (NI), capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

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