Employer Case Study – Harry Jones, Global Head of Recruitment & Talent at Bam Boom Cloud

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The EMA Training team were fortunate to sit down with Harry, from Bam Boom Cloud, to talk all things apprenticeships.


Q1. Please introduce yourself, the company you work for and the nature of your business.

My name is Harry Jones, I am the Global Head of Recruitment and Talent at Bam Boom Cloud, based in Derby. We are a global tech company that provides Microsoft solutions to small to medium-sized businesses. The goal is to remove old IT headaches and provide them with systems and support along the way.

Q2. Please list the role of the apprentice(s) you have along with the name of their apprenticeship programme(s).

Our apprentice roles are:

Q3. Why did your business decide to employ an apprentice?

The decision to go down the apprenticeship route was all about building our next generation within Bam Boom Cloud. We wanted to upskill the team as soon as they step foot into the business and also give young people the chance to work in a thriving and growing environment, building careers for themselves.

Q4. What kind of skills do you look for in a candidate during an interview

I look for the drive and determination to want to build a career. If someone is passionate enough about their future, they will put in the time and effort when it comes to learning on the job. I also look for communication skills, the ability to talk over the phone and face-to-face is so important to the nature of this business so it’s key to possess that skill. Finally, someone who can have a laugh, we don’t interview formally here, it doesn’t fit our culture. We want to make sure that whoever we take on will be a great cultural fit for our team as well as the organisation. That’s why we always try to have a laid-back interview process to allow the apprentice to really come out of their shell.

Q5. What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship within the industry you work in?

Keep learning. Within IT you can never stop learning. Digital software will always change so being able to proactively look at solutions no matter what the role is important to be successful in this industry.

Also, remember there will always be stepping stones when you first start out. Majority of the time you will start out as a junior support engineer. Don’t get disheartened as this is the way you learn the software and learn our customers. The progression will always be there for those who show determination to want to succeed. We have so many success stories from apprenticeships and can’t wait to make more.

Q6. What impact has an apprentice made on your company?

Not only have apprentices changed the dynamic of our company, but our digital marketer has also completely overhauled our social media, making it their own and being able to put Bam Boom Cloud on the map through different platforms.

Our support staff have shown what amazing customer service looks like, being nominated for awards within the apprenticeship customer support categories.

Not only that, but it makes the job of recruitment easier and more fun, working with apprentices, showing them the growth potential and watching them bloom into the next generation of senior members of staff is definitely a highlight of my role.

Q7. Why do you think apprenticeships are a good option for someone starting a new career?

For me, it’s a no-brainer. If I had the opportunity when I was younger to do it then I would definitely start out as an apprentice. You learn on the job, you are able to get into large organisations that will help you grow and succeed, all whilst being paid. No flaws to it in my eyes.

Q8. What advice would you give to another Employer considering hiring an apprentice?

Don’t expect experience. Recruit for culture fit rather than experience, as the personality of someone will definitely make it easier to mould that apprentice into a more senior position in the future. Also, before taking on apprentices, make sure there is a fully set up onboarding training plan and support system. Without this, the apprentices will be lost in the role and will struggle to really settle into the position.


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