Content Ceator Apprentice Case Study

Three EMA Training Creative Content Apprentices

Content Creator Apprentice Case Study – Meet Evie!

Click the video above to hear about Evie’s content creator apprenticeship experience.

Q1 What first interested you in a Content Creator apprenticeship?

“Since I began working at 14, I’ve always enjoyed photography / videography and using social media. My passion really began when I started taking photos of the animals in my previous job roles. I strongly believe that a majority of the world is being transferred online and it’s crucial businesses stay up to date with that in order to stay relevant and not be ‘left behind’. The creative role interest has always been apparent to me, so when I found an apprenticeship I thought I’d really enjoy – I went for it!

Q2 What led you to choose the Level 3 Content Creator course with EMA Training?

“Someone I know had mentioned that this certain training provider promotes learning and respect in their lessons and they are two things I never really had in school. Also, my mum recommended EMA Training as she works in apprenticeships and knew that it would benefit me the most.


Q3 How have your role responsibilities progressed during your apprenticeship? 

“At the beginning, I only had access to an Instagram page which I had made myself but soon after I’ve developed Jonny’s trust to have ALL of the social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and soon to be Twitter. Also, I now have access to most of the emailing and blog posts, so I can send emails to people whenever I need them without asking for Jonny’s assistance. Also, at the start of my apprenticeship I got the opportunity to be thrown straight into Networking and now I feel a lot more comfortable when attending events.”

Q4 How have your technical skills developed over the course of your apprenticeship?

“I now understand how to use storyboards correctly and what applications to use when editing and for what platform. This is crucial as you need to understand your audience so you can tailor  your posts to their engagement. Also, I’ve spoken to a few marketing specialists such as John Liley and Daniel Nikolla, who I met at networking events, who I have at my assistance whenever I need them!


Q5 How did you find out about apprenticeships?

“My mum always encouraged me to take one! I also think it is the best way of learning, as I can learn new skills whilst working toward a qualification.”


Q6 What was your experience like starting an apprenticeship straight after secondary school?

“Best idea I ever had! I couldn’t imagine sitting in further education for another two years and being unhappy”


Q7 What advice would you give to school leavers considering the apprenticeship route?

“If you go to a careers fair and there are apprenticeship companies wanting to talk to you – do it. Apprenticeships definitely open a whole new world of learning and new experiences. Plus, you get paid on the job! If you’re a hands-on learning and can genuinely benefit from teamwork and improving communication, go for an apprenticeship because the bonds and trust you will make with the team will be amazing! I’d 100% recommend EMA as they’ve helped me whenever I’ve needed it & my mentor schedules sessions to review progress and help me where necessary.”


Q8 How has your apprenticeship impacted you on a personal level?

“My apprenticeship has helped me to be able to speak to people I don’t know, for example when my manager and I went down to London for meetings, I did a presentation which was unprepared until that morning in front of a few millionaires and the marketing lead. I didn’t feel any nerves because if they see confidence they’ll want to get to know you! I’d confidently say that my apprenticeship has made me a more independent and strong person, who is comfortable talking to anyone. EMA have also helped me to be able to speak to new people as I’ve made lots of friends in college without having to feel the pressure.


Q9 What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“My greatest achievement so far would be gaining control of all the social media accounts and networking with many different ‘big companies’ whom I can use to my advantage whenever I need it. I think without my confidence and the skills that EMA have taught me, I wouldn’t have the ability to initiate these conversations and ask my manger for these accounts. So, I think that my character development which has led to my achievements is the greatest one.”




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