Digital Marketer Apprentice Case Study

Level 4 Marketing Apprentices in class. Liberty is the furthest to the left. Standing is the Marketing Trainer, Louisa.

Digital Marketer Apprentice Case Study – Meet Liberty!

Click the video above to hear about Liberty’s digital marketing apprenticeship experience.

Please introduce yourself and your job role.

“Hi, I’m Liberty and I’m a Digital Marketer at Bam Boom Cloud. Bam Boom Cloud are a technology consultancy and Microsoft partner. We focus on selling the Microsoft cloud, making it easy and accessible to small medium-sized businesses.

So, I’m part of the marketing team. My main role is to run and manage the social media platforms, but I’m also involved in other aspects as well, such as email marketing and reporting.”

Tell me a bit about the apprenticeship course you chose and why.

“I chose the level three digital marketer apprenticeship course, and I chose this because I studied TV and Film at College, and then at my previous job, I started to look after their social media pages. I was thinking there must be something I can do to dive deeper into this. When we went into our first lockdown, I was looking for other things to do that are better suited to me. And that’s where I found digital marketing. I then looked into a digital marketing apprenticeship, and saw there were so many areas I was interested in.”

How did your role responsibilities progress during your L3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship?

“I progressed massively throughout my apprenticeship here at Bam Boom Cloud; mainly because I started with very limited knowledge, and I’ve gone on now to being given more responsibilities and being really confident within my role.”

What has been your biggest learning curve?

“My biggest learning curve has got to be remote working. I was waitressing before, and when I started my role, I started it in one of the lockdowns when I was working remotely.
So, not only had I entered a completely new industry, I was also learning how to work remotely I guess like everyone was anyway. But Bam Boom Cloud was set up really efficiently to work from home, so it wasn’t a struggle at all. Once I got settled in, I was able to meet my team and collaborate with people. But now I love coming into the office and working because why not? It’s a great place to come in.”

How do you think your apprenticeship has impacted your career?

“I feel like the apprenticeship influenced my career positively because I no longer feel like you need to know everything to start something new or progress within a career.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing a marketing apprenticeship?

“My advice to someone who wants to do a marketing apprenticeship is just go for itI think the hardest bit, at least for me and I know probably a lot of people, is just getting started and doubting yourself. The course is great for development and the way its delivered is really enjoyable. So just get your foot in the door and just do it.”

An EMA Training Marketing Apprentice filming a case study.

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