Level 4 Accountancy Apprenticeship Case Study

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Accountancy Apprentice Case Study – Meet Hannah!

Q1 What first interested you in a level 4 accountancy apprenticeship?

“I took Maths at A Level – I knew an accountancy apprenticeship would allow me to apply some of the skills I gained from this in a practical setting.”


Q2 What led you to choose the Level 4 AAT course over EMA’s other finance courses?

“I had taken the Level 3 apprenticeship course and wanted to expand upon what I had already learned.”


Q3 How have your role responsibilities progress during your apprenticeship? 

“I am now independently running payrolls and producing accounts. I am trusted to work in the office by myself, taking all calls and meeting with clients who drop off paper documents.”


Q4 How have your technical skills develop over the course of your apprenticeship?

“I am competent with Quickbooks, Capium, VT and other accounting software. I can reliably create trial balances and SPL with these softwares and import this information between them (VT is not eligible for MTD)”


Q5 How did you find out about apprenticeships?

” I attended a university and apprenticeship open day whilst at sixth form.”


Q6 What was your experience like starting an apprenticeship instead of going to university?

“Initially, I was nervous as most people I knew were going to university. I had originally applied for a course in a different subject which I lost my passion for during year 13 & the pandemic. When I first made the decision not to attend, I was unsure of what I wanted to do next. I had applied for several jobs but knew that I still wanted to be in some form of education; an apprenticeship was the perfect option. I found out about EMA using Go.uk and was able to secure a place after two interviews. Despite my initial nerves, I now know I made the right decision as the skills and knowledge I have gained are amazing.”

Q7 What advice would you give to students finishing college or 6th form who are considering the apprenticeship route?

“Go for it! Getting to learn whilst in a professional and practical setting has helped me to really understand the topics I have covered. Plus you get to earn a wage whilst you are studying.”


Q8 How has your apprenticeship impacted you on a personal level?

“I have definitely gained a lot more confidence, especially when it comes to speaking.”


Q9 What has been your greatest achievement so far?

“I’m proud to have passed my Level 3 accountancy apprenticeship and all of my Level 4 exams so far!”




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