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We deliver award-winning apprenticeships to help boost your businesses Marketing & Content Creation

Here at EMA Training we offer three apprenticeship courses within the Marketing and Content Creation industries.

Bringing knowledge and skill from the fundamentals of marketing and brand to future proofing your business with AI and fast moving trends. Our expert trainers, use their years of industry experience to ensure course information is accurate and can be appropriately applied in the workplace.

Hiring a marketing apprentice or upskilling your current team could:

  • Optimise your marketing efforts to increase brand exposure across digital and offline channels.
  • Tell captivating stories through your content that resonates with your customers.
  • Implement and deliver upon marketing strategies with the knowledge and additional support of an apprentice.
  • Stay one step ahead and utilise tools and trends to grow an efficient, effective marketing function.
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Do you need a

Multi Channel Marketer

If your business is looking to bring in a junior marketeer that you can shape to suit your culture, whilst supporting an existing marketing team, or under the guidance of an internal mentor,  then a Multi Channel Marketer is right for you. Working on the implementation of campaigns, building emails, creating webpages and analysing performance will all be part of their role.

“EMA Training has offered endless support over the past 10 months I have been on the level 3 marketing course. Calum and Stuart have both been great in making sure I never walked away from a session with questions about any of the content or how to go about any of my projects.”Eve

Multi-channel marketer apprenticeship programme

Boost your creativity with a

Content Creator

A content creator would sit at a similar level to a Multi Channel Marketer but focus on the creation of graphics, production of audio-visual content and writing articles tailored to suit each platform or audience. Keeping a constant finger on the pulse, measuring success and staying up to date with industry trends will help your marketing efforts standout from the competition.

“I have really enjoyed doing my content creator apprenticeship as I got the opportunity to learn industry skills that have helped me to develop and grow my knowledge.” – Hannah

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Master your marketing with a

Marketing Executive

Bringing a Marketing Executive apprentice into your business will mean giving them the opportunity to see the breadth and depth of your offering. Working alongside multiple key stakeholders to really learn and understand your business so they can effectively create, implement and manage multiple marketing activities. Looking for ways to continually improve and optimise your businesses efforts to help grow awareness, leads and revenue.

“Doing the Level 4 Marketing Apprenticeship has been great to gain practical experience whilst working towards a recognised qualification. Getting on-the-job experience in this industry is crucial, and this apprenticeship has been a great mix of hands-on experience and learning about higher level marketing theories and methods.”Alex

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Hiring an apprentice

Hiring an apprentice into your business is a great way to scale your team in a sustainable way. With the support of our mentors you have industry experts available to give opinion and insight into your business that can guide your apprentice to a solution to your problems.

There is no need to worry about hefty recruitment fees. We have a talent pool of vetted future apprentices that are waiting to work for a business just like yours. With a variety of past experience and personalities you can find the right fit for your company culture.

With Government funding available to you, there is often no, or very little (a 5% contribution), cost to your business for the 12 months of expert training that your apprentice receives.

Why choose EMA?

  • Face to face learning from industry experts in the centre of Derby
  • Guest speakers and workshops from local business owners and topic specialists
  • OFSTED rated ‘Good’ for Marketing & Accountancy and ‘Outstanding’ for Personal Development
  • Fantastic progression option of our Level 4 Marketing Executive course, allowing apprentices to effectively grow within your business and continue to deliver marketing support.
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