Junior Content Producer
Level 3

The newest addition to EMA Training's digital courses! 
This exciting course is a fantastic opportunity for creative, passionate, driven candidates!

A Junior Content Producer is responsible for developing and creating content that can be used across a variety of media including digital, social media, broadcast or print.

They have to capture what is exciting about a campaign and design the elements that can be used across media platforms and channels.

Collaborating with designers and developers to create content for the web, which may include video, images, text and social media content, enthusiasm for technology and creating great online experiences is a must.

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Module 1
Content Planning

Starting with the fundamentals of marketing and branding concepts, learners will understand how creative content is used across different channels and platforms, how content fits into a marketing strategy and the importance of brand, and brand awareness, within a brief.

Module 2
Content Planning & Evaluation

Copywriting, file types and data evaluation are fundamental to any digital role. Understanding creative writing styles for online and offline platforms, storing files securely while preserving quality, and understanding how to manage media assets correctly and effectively report on the success of a campaign.

Module 3
Content Development

This role is all about content creation and development. Apprentices will learn about content creation principles and how to apply them within a business. How to capture different content, understand tone of voice and user experience (UX), as well as understanding the legal requirements when using media assets.

Module 4
Industry Awareness

Understand the creative culture of media, media organisations and the commercial pressures that come within content-focused roles. Understand project deadlines, best working practices and how to market skills and services, while staying up to date with industry technologies and trends.

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