Apprenticeship Training Provider, EMA Training announces the launch of a new website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website!

As an Apprenticeship Training Provider, we don’t just cater to potential Apprentices, but Employers and Parents too.  Our new simple and accessible design aims to create a seamless user experience, whilst educating and informing users by breaking down the important things you need to know regarding apprenticeships.


Support for Parents and Carers

We are thrilled to present an easy-to-navigate platform that offers specific support for your direct needs. For example, as well as having numerous pages tailored for Parents and Carers, the team have put together an EMAzing Parents and Carers Guide, after recognising that many Parents and Carers are very involved in the process of their child finding an apprenticeship and should be able to access all the information they are looking for. Having a guide tailored to support Parents and Carers, allows them to better support their child/children.


Levy advice and apprenticeship recruitment support for Employers

For Employers, our team worked hard, reflecting on an Employer’s user journey, and how this website can guide Employer’s in understanding the apprenticeship process. Successful in this, our new website provides a platform which aids Employer’s through the hiring process, explaining the basics of what an apprenticeship is, and going into further detail, like apprenticeship levies.
Our EMA Team has always understood the importance of building Employer relationships, and this new website will help the team support even more Employers in hiring an apprentice. With segmented information, the website dispels apprenticeship myths, whilst promoting the fantastic truths of the apprenticeship industry – how apprentices not only develop new skills themselves but also help develop relevant skills for the organisation – the list goes on!


Quick access to apprenticeship advice, tips, and vacancies for Apprentice Candidates

Our website provides the opportunity for anyone interested in an apprenticeship to access all the information they need at a click of a button! From advice and tips to applying for a vacancy –, you are able to understand what we offer, which of these offers suits you best and have a look at the current vacancies available without ever having to come off the website! This variation provides a fantastic user experience and makes the beginning of a user’s apprentice journey very efficient.

As a leading Apprenticeship Training Provider, it is important to the EMA team that candidates find their ideal role as soon as possible, but without rushing this process. With the accessible information on this new website, this process can now begin as soon as a potential apprentice clicks onto the home page! With Apprentice case studies, testimonials from Employers, and course information, alongside a variety of content types, users have access to a visual introduction to life as an apprentice with us, EMA Training.


Our journey and what’s to come

The creation of this new website has brought brilliant opportunities to the business. Working with Purpose Media, Apprentice of The Year, Ruby Birks project managed this website, whilst EMA’s Marketing Executive Apprentice, Jessica Tracey, created and uploaded the written content. Apprentice collaboration is what we are all about at EMA, and it is fantastic to see apprentices step into roles with such responsibility! On the theme of collaboration, the building of this new website has been a great chance for the internal departments within EMA to work together, when otherwise they may not. Each department has been approached by the Marketing team to ensure content is informative, and a true reflection of what the business offer.

Looking to the future, it’s an exciting time for us, as an Apprenticeship Training Provider! With an efficient, effective platform, we will be promoting new opportunities for both potential Apprentices and local Employers. The platform will also be used to share any business updates and promote EMA Training events, keeping users up to date with all things EMA.

If you would like to get in touch with our EMA Team, make sure to contact us via the details below:
Email: [email protected]
Call: 01332 371666 

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Jessica Tracey,
Marketing Assistant

Posted by: JessicaTracey
Posted on: 07.12.2022
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