How do you deal with stress? Part 1

November 20, 2020

No matter what you look like, what job you have, or what hobbies you’re into, there is something that connects everyone – emotion. Emotions can be great, who doesn’t love to feel happy or relaxed? Emotions can also be the worst; feeling sad, angry, or stressed can ruin your day. There’s no magic potion to ensure everyone feels happy all the time, the not-so-great emotions can definitely take over. When there’s no magic potion, sometimes the best thing to do is to ask the people around you for some advice about dealing with these bad emotions.

With this in mind, the EMA team have come together to answer one simple question. How do you deal with stress? The EMA family is full of different personalities, there’s not one answer for a question like this, some people have similar coping methods when it comes to stress but no two people doing the exact same thing. Within each bit of advice will be the team members name, if you would like to read more about any of the team members, feel free to head over to the ‘about us’ section on our website and scroll down to ‘meet the team’.

With all the advice the team offers, this blog would’ve been an extremely long read. Here’s part 1 of how the EMA team deal with stress.

How do the EMA team deal with stress?

Some people deal with stress very logically – yes, I feel like this, how can I overcome it – sort of reaction. Let’s jump into some of this advice.

Tracey explained that she normally gets stressed if there is something happening that she cannot control. When this happens, Tracey asks herself these four things:

1. What is causing me to be in this incontrollable situation?

2. How can I solve it?

3. Who can help me?

4. What is the worst outcome from the uncontrollable situation and the impact?

Tracey then tends to take ‘time out’ to go for a walk around and think about these four things. Once she has processed the above thoughts, she more than often finds a way forward and can make it happen! “Therefore, no more stress for little old me!!” – Tracey

How can stress make you feel?

Stress can make you feel alone, like no one else will understand the pressure you are feeling. Hearing actual stories about how others were in a similar situation and how they overcame that can help, by helping you not feel so alone in your stress.

Kerry shared that there was a point in her life where she had really bad anxiety and found herself getting stressed over the smallest things. This was the outcome of a lot of changes in her life and also a family member passing away. Kerry did seek help from a doctor and took some time off of work. This allowed her time to stop and think about how she was feeling and act accordingly.

“Stress can manifest itself physically in such ways as headaches and nervousness around others, you can al

so have changes in how you speak to people – become aggressive or more passive. Look out for these changes in yourself and others.” – Kerry

A common answer to relieving stress is the great outdoors. It’s not for everyone, but a breath of fresh air can do someone a world of good. Also, being realistic – understanding that you may not feel better straight away but you will get there.

As Rosie puts it, “dealing with stress can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a

A cold, frosty winters day in the country side, with the sun setting in the background. haystack”, but once you find something to help you overcome the overwhelming feeling that is stress, you’ll be on your way to finding that needle.

Rosie’s go to way to tackle stress is a good old winter’s walk with her dogs! She explained, there is no better feeling than fresh air hitting your face and filling your lungs when you are stressed. While increasing the levels of serotonin in our bodies, fresh air also helps to clear the mind too. Sometimes Rosie will listen to upbeat music along her walk, or sometimes it will be a podcast, other times she may just walk along and listen to the natural world around her.

“Whichever I choose, I don’t think I’ve ever not felt relieved from at least some of my stress after going for a walk.” – Rosie

Something that takes your mind away from what is causing your stress seems to be a go to move

when feeling overwhelmed. That doesn’t have to be a lot of time taken away from your day, sometimes just a minute or to will do the trick.

Jo shared that when she’s feeling stressed, she likes to practise a bit of mindfulness by looking out of the window and appreciating nature – the colours and textures, birds flying, the change in the trees and plants through the seasons and the antics of the squirrels that come into the garden.

If you do have that extra time, allow yourself to do something you enjoy! Jo often turns to doing some sewing, crocheting or other crafts that she needs to concentrate on and where she is producing something that gives pleasure when it is completed. “However, quite often it is the creating that gives the most enjoyment.” – Jo

How you handle your emotions will always be specific to you. We hope that reading some of the EMA team’s advice and stories has helped you, whether that be through offering a new way to deal with stress or just allowing you to realise that you’re not alone is these not so great emotions. EMA have and always will prioritise our learner’s and our team member’s feelings. It costs nothing to be kind, and if our kindness can ease anyone’s stress then it is definitely worth it!

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Posted on: 20.11.2020
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