Why Choose a Career in Multi-channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketer

Starting out a career in multi-channel marketing offers a world of opportunities. To give you a real understanding of what it’s like, we’ve drawn insights from the experiences of individuals featured in some of our apprentice case studies. Their journeys in the marketing world provide a genuine and inspiring perspective to help you make that all important decision about your future.

Real Stories, Real Success

At EMA Training, we’ve seen firsthand how a career in multi-channel marketing can transform lives. Take, for example, the journey of Liberty, who started as an apprentice and has now carved a successful path in the industry. Lucy’s story highlights the practical skills and real-world experience gained through our programme

Louisa Hampson, Marketing Operations Lead at EMA Training, with 14 years of experience in the industry, including work with large commercial brands, shares her perspective: “In multi-channel marketing, you’re at the cutting edge of digital trends and strategies. Our apprentices gain not just skills but also a mindset to innovate and lead in this dynamic field, and we’re so excited to launch this course.”

The Apprentice Advantage

Our case studies reveal that starting as an apprentice in marketing offers a unique advantage.  Lucy, another EMA Training success story, reflects on how the apprenticeship provided a comprehensive understanding of the marketing landscape, setting a strong foundation for her career.

Making a Tangible Impact

The ability to see the results of your efforts is a key motivator in this field. Our Marketing Operations Lead, Louisa has a number of apprentices working in the marketing department, and comments on the impact to both the department and the apprentice:  “Working on projects that directly impact a brand’s success is not only rewarding but also a great learning experience. It’s about making a real difference and I have enjoyed seeing my apprentices grow in confidence with each new creative idea they bring to the table.”

Continuous Learning and Growth

The marketing world is ever-evolving, and our apprentices learn to adapt and grow continuously. This sentiment is echoed by Evie, a Content Creator Apprentice, who emphasises the importance of staying updated and embracing new challenges in her career journey.

Choosing a career in multi-channel marketing opens doors to a dynamic and fulfilling professional journey. The real-life stories from our apprentices at EMA Training underscore the practical skills, creative opportunities, and growth potential in this field. If you’re considering a path that combines innovation, strategy, and real-world impact, multi-channel marketing is an excellent choice.

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Posted by: JessicaTracey
Posted on: 16.11.2023
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